9am-10am Beginners Ballet & Tap Age 5-6Y

Here’s where your dance journey begins. It’s all new and exciting. Welcome to our dance school in Huddersfield and your new dance family. Ballet & Tap classes for Beginners

10am-11am Grade 1  Classes 7-9Y

Your child will learn about their body, how to use it and look after it and to work to their full potential. Kicks, leaps, jumps and turns are introduced.  Exam and performance classes are a wonderful way to watch the progression of your child. We focus on learning in a vibrant setting, whilst working hard and becoming strong, technical and authentic dancers!

11am-11.30am Baby Class/Pre-School from age 2.5Y

A beautiful little starter class for the youngest dancer.  Mum or Dad can join in too, or just be there for their little dancer. Great introduction to the wonderful world of dance. As their confidence grows they can come into our Primary class as they near 5Y

11.30am-12.30pm Grade 3 – Ballet, Modern Contemporary and Freestyle Tap Age 9-13Y

Moving onwards and upwards for this key age group. Technicalities are being secured and some new and more advanced work shown in all core subjects within our fun dance programme. We follow the IDTA syllabus in all our grade work

12.30pm-1.15pm  AcroDance Age 5-10Y

Fantastic fusion of all genres in this dance fitness programme. Tumbling, Flexibility, Core, Co-ordination. Based on the Acrobatic Arts Tuition

The best fun ever, all set to a beat that keeps the kids moving. We’ve got all the equipment too! It’s pumping!


From here, we reserve slots for 1 to 1 private lesson tuition. Each slot is 30 minutes. These important classes are to learn solo/duet/trio choreography for stage performance.

Patricia Stoj Dance Class Timetable

9am – Beginners Ballet & Tap Age 5-6Y
10am – Grades –  Age 7-9Y+
11am – Baby Class Age 2.5-4Y
11.30am – Ballet, Modern Contemporary/Freestyle Tap Age 9-13Y
12.30pm – AcroDance Age 5-10Y
1.15pm – Reserved for Private Lessons – Competition pupils



4.30-6.30pm – Programme to be announced for children’s classes

7pm-8pm – ABSOLUTE TOTAL BEGINNERS ADULT TAP CLASS – You simply cannot pass on this. It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s not to be missed

10am-10.30am – Pre-school Children Dance Classes from age 2.5Y

4.30pm – Junior Competition Team
5.15pm – AcroDance Age 5-10Y

5pm – Private Lesson
5.30pm – Inter Competition Team
7pm – Adult Tap (for Tappers with experience)